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About Us

Coşkun Et ve Mamulleri was founded in 1975 to produce healthy and delicious delicacies. With a steady growth in 10 years, in 1985, the company acquired a special meat combination license. Coşkun, which ensures the highest level of quality at every stage, starts the healthy taste chain in the first step with its 5000 cattle capacity natural fattening farms in Istanbul and Afyonkarahisar.

Coşkun, who has not given up the modern production principle since the first day, continues to grow uninterruptedly with this principle.
Today, Turkey’s largest 500 companies located between Coates and Meat Products, more than a quarter century of beef produced from 100% to Turkey, health, working with the pride of presenting natural and hearty meat.

The real taste of meat is waiting for you in Coşkun, which never uses turkey and chicken meat in its products.

Our Vision

Name and taste of our meats, tasty and healthy product that reflects the taste traditional Turkish palate for world not only to teach in Turkey.

Our Mission

To be a company that can meet customer expectations and requests in the first time with timely, accurate and hygienic and healthy products, provided the necessary team awareness and infrastructure for this, sensitive to the environment and education activities, and improving its current situation through continuous development studies.
Through meticulous and sensitive responsibility goods on the growth of a healthy generation in Turkey to share with all consumers.